Welcome to HearThrough!

Listen to the world around you while your headphones are on.

To use:
1.) Make sure your headphones are plugged in and on your head.

2.) Play audio of your choosing through headphones.
(For the best experience, on the app where your audio is coming from
drop the volume control to 50% and then use your computer's volume controls.)

3.) To listen to the outside world click .
(Make sure you allow access to the microphone for the site to work.)

4.) To adjust your listening power use the volume bar under the headphones icon.

5.) To stop listening click on the .

Make sure your headphones are on before toggling HearThrough, otherwise you'll get your speakers stuck in an infinite loop of alien-like noises.

Welcome to HearThrough!

This site allows you to listen to the outside world while you have your headphones on, unfortunately it only works on desktop browsers for now.

Please revisit this site on your computer!

Possibly in the future there will be a mobile app... Maybe.

Built With By Nicholas Greco

Please let me know what you think and the features you'd like to see next!